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Izegbuwa Oleghe

Holistic Life Coach

Worthy YU was created out of a desire to, enable people through self-exploration to remember that they have the answers and deserve all the beauty and abundance that life has to offer.

  • Confidential coaching service which works with you collaboratively to achieve your goals.

  • Commitment to aiding you in your journey of self-discovery; expanding your understanding, uncovering limiting beliefs. 

  • Enabling you to tackle challenges and take opportunities.

  • Listen and enable you to explore openly without judgement.

I'm not good enough
I can't do it
I'm a failure at everything
don't have the confidence

Welcome to Worthy YU, 

A Coaching Service committed to providing transformational life coaching experiences.   My name is Izegbuwa Oleghe, I have  studied various paths of personal development and transformative learning over a number of years. I am a Transformational Life Coach, I study with Animas. I am also an accredited Restorative Approaches Practitioner, a registered qualified British Sign Language Interpreter and I studied counselling.


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Tel: 07931 751 188