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Worthy YU was created out of a desire to, enable people through self-exploration to remember that they have the answers and deserve all the beauty and abundance that life has to offer.

I spent many years feeling unworthy, searching outside of myself for peace, for who I am, where I fit in the world, wondering whether I was as worthy as everyone else. Everyone seemed to have it together, they seemed connected, where I felt disconnected. I felt that attaining that connection they have, would bring me peace and then, I would feel worthy.

These experiences of unworthiness would show up in my life under many guises, such as believing I was being loved in an unhealthy (controlling, abusive) relationship, believing I was inadequate, believing I did not have the ability to be successful, that I was not important, that I was not likeable, that I would not be accepted and that I was not loveable….

Through my life journey of self-discovery, I held conversations with many people, from various backgrounds, beliefs, walks of life and realised I was not alone, that beneath what appeared to be certainty, they were feeling unworthy.

After many years of personal development, transformative learning and self exploration, my life had meaning. I became aware that peace was not to be found outside of myself, but within. That worthiness is not granted or earned through the approval of others, but it is a birthright. That answers and solutions to my questions are not outside of me, but within me. This I believe of us all.

Peace is in knowing that you are worthy, simply because you exist. Within you are all the answers, which through self-exploration, you will with purpose, begin to unlock. It is easy to forget how truly magnificent you are, until you are reminded.


Before we begin........

If you have never worked with a coach before, it is worth me writing a few lines explaining what a  coach does, that is different from a person who is a therapist, mentor, consultant or adviser.


A therapist and a coach possibly bear the most similarity in their approach. They are both expert at asking questions which are designed to aid you in exploring and discovering your answers. The crucial difference is that a therapist will help you heal your past, so that you shift into the present. Whilst a coach on the other hand, will aid you to become more present, so that you can create your future.


Unlike a mentor, consultant or adviser, a coach will not give you advice or answers to your problems. A coach, unlike the other three experts, does not have to be an expert in your field. This can, however, be beneficial, as a coach can be completely objective and work from a place without preconceived ideas about your world.


My approach begins with the basic premise that within you, all the answers already exist. As your coach, I will work confidentially and collaboratively, with a commitment to you achieving your goals. I will aid you in your journey of self-discovery; enabling you to expand your understanding, uncovering limiting beliefs, encouraging you to tackle the things you are challenged by and to take opportunities that arise. I will listen, believe in you and through conversation explore openly without judgement. And in the moments when you doubt yourself most, I will encourage you to acknowledge your accomplishments, your magical moments of realisations and transformational growth, where measurable improvements have occurred.

Be inspired, book a complimentary conversation.